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Posted on Wednesday, April 09, 2014 Categories: Scott's Blog

Track Temp

            The track temperature is a very important number at the beginning of the season. Here in the northeast the ground was froze all winter and the ground holds the temperature for longer then it takes for the air to feel warm to you. So you may go to the track and it is a nice t-shirt type of day, but if you shot the ground temp in the shade it is considerably lower than you would expect. This is why some people at the beginning of the year have trouble getting their car to hook. The other factors that come into play are, your motor makes more power in the cooler air, you may have freshened the motor, and where did you store your tires? If it was in your trailer or your unheated garage then this is a big part of your problem also. The tire compounds do not like the freezing cold and the tires may look good but the compound just is not the same. So if you are at the track this spring and you have some runs that are questionable, it could be a number of things. Stop and think about all of these facts then give me a call; the info above is the questions I will be asking you when you call to talk about how to make your car hook!

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