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It Always Goes Back to Family


As a racer, I sometimes take my lifestyle for granted. Work all week…pack my suitcase…hook up my truck to my race trailer…and I’m on the road again. Then, a tough loss may make me reconsider where I just spent my entire paycheck.


However, I often meet someone special along my travels who helps me realize that what I’m doing is awesome, and that win or lose, I should always smile and appreciate my opportunity to race, especially with my dad.


A few years ago, I was hanging out at Atco Dragway in New Jersey. My boyfriend, Doug, was racing his dragster and I was “pit crew” for the day. As the day came to an end, Doug and I noticed a gentleman and two small children checking out the dragster. We quickly sucked up our loss and walked over to say hello to our new fans.


Atco local and business owner of Grant Entertainment, Michael Grant, had taken his sons Patrick and Tyler to the track to check out some race cars. Unfortunately, the loud cars scared Patrick and Tyler and the family had only survived 10 minutes. They were preparing to leave. We convinced the boys to sit inside the dragster and we snapped a few photos, which I quickly posted on the Internet after receiving permission from Michael to do so. Michael was so appreciative that we had done something to salvage this “daddy/son” bonding experience.


Months later, Michael reached out to me, out of the blue, to discuss supporting the Born Our Angels Internet community, which he and his fiancé began in an attempt to raise awareness about the hardships associated with a stillborn pregnancy, and to support families who have been impacted by such a devastation. Michael was a victim, and although Doug and I were strangers, he thought the world of us and hoped that we would support himself and his family as they helped support others who have shared a similar experience.


It became apparent to me that what started as a few strangers meeting at the drag strip had become much more. I was touched to hear Michael’s story, and more touched to know that Doug and I had left such an impact on Michael and his sons’ day at the drag strip together (as family is especially important to him).


Michael and his family now follow Doug and my race tour thanks to Facebook. I’m proud to know that there are people out there (non-racers) who support us and think so highly of us. No matter what your day is like, whether it be at a local car show or race track, always take a moment to smile, wave, and say hello to someone admiring your ride…you never know where the friendship may lead, and you never know what an impact that small motion could have on someone else’s life. ~Jeanne Linke

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